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Join us for an Educational Sale

 Spring/Summer 2017 
Homeschool / Educational / Teacher / Book Sale!

Educational Sale Consignor Home Page

Saturday, May 27th

Details:  This is a consignment educational/homeschool sale that will also have curriculum displays and vendors.    

Consignor Info:  No upfront costs to consignors.  Consignor registration fee is $5 and will be deducted from consignor's check afterwards.  Consignors receive 70% of their sales.  Work a 3-hour volunteer shift and receive 80% of your sales. 

Vendor Info:  Vendors may sell products at their booths; have marketing material and curriculum displays.  They are responsible for their own sales and payments at their booths.  No consignor percentages are taken from vendors.  Vendor spots are $5 per 6' long spot.  Vendors must provide their own tables.  For vendors not able to tend their booths and who need a table, the fee is $25 per table/spot.  

Drop-Off:  Saturday, 5/27:  7-10 a.m.

Volunteer-Only Pre-shop Starts:  10/10:30-11:00 a.m.

Public Sale:  11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


I'm interested in consigning.  What can I bring?

* Anything educational (pre-K through 12th grade).
* Teacher-related items.  
* Homeschool items.
* Curriculum for pre-K through 12th grade.  
* Music items and instruments (portable keyboards are okay, regular piano's no).  
* Literature appropriate for pre-K through 12th grade.
* Readers.
* Math manipulatives.
* Science equipment.
* DVD's
* Furniture (such as student desks, white board, small chalkboards, art easels, etc.).
* T-shirts/apparel with cool/cute prints relating to teachers or homeschoolers, in great condition.
* Backpacks/totes or rolling carts used for school/school supplies.
* Storage containers used for educational or school supply storage.
* Ask questions if not sure.

What will not be accepted?

* Extremely outdated curriculum.
* VHS tapes.
* Anything deemed inappropriate or suggestive.

I've been in another sale; everything is already tagged from that sale and I don't want to have to retag everything.

* No problem!  Our system has the ability to work with that.  You can request the consignor number your items are already tagged with, as long as it's not already taken.  You don't have to retag those items!  When registering as a consignor, enter your number choice in that entry field.  Then, simply bring already tagged items to the sale for drop-off.  Items not previously tagged with that consignor number will need to be entered in the system.  (Send us an e-mail for more info or to ask about a certain consignor number.)  

We will accept handwritten tags with the price and consignor number.  Your writing must be legible, so it is clear what the numbers are.

* Use regular white copy paper.  Tags automatically print with barcodes.
* Preferred method of attaching tags to books is with painter's tape.  Do not cover the barcode.  Other items such as tote bags, etc., poke a little hole in top of tag and attach the tag with a plastic security tag or tie it with twine or string.  
* Please do not attach adhesive labels to items.  They are very difficult to get off and frustrate buyers.  They also leave residue.
* Any packaged items need to be securely packaged.  It's fine to use various sized Ziploc-type bags.  Also fine to secure groupings of books with twine or plenty of painters tape so they don't come apart.
* Thin plastic bags, like produce bags or grocery store shopping bags are not sturdy enough to use and make it difficult to see what's in there.

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